Workplace Health & Safety - Computer Guidelines

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Today, regardless of our industry or field, use computers more than ever to complete the work required to operate our business effectively.


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As business owners you have a responsibility to provide a safe working environment for your people and as employees, you have a responsibility to be aware of any underlying risks from using computers and their associated accessories and ensure that your employer is aware of the compliance requirements - Health & Safety is a two way conversation.

 WorkSafe NZ is a valuable resource for all aspects of Health and Safety information and have a useful document that you can download that provides good information on safe practices for computer use including recommendations on desks (both traditional & standing), monitor heights and the use of brackets and stands to achieve optimal positioning, lighting and also recommendations on keyboard and mice.

BlueBerryIT encourage the safe use of computers in business and have implemented monitors on stands which in addition to setting up good heights for using screens but also has the benefit of freeing up desk space.

file 3For more information on the accessories available to help you comply with the relevant legislation, don't hesitate to contact one of the BlueBerry Bunch today.