Windows 10 is coming

Windows 10

You may have noticed a new Windows icon on the lower right-hand side of your desktop - clicking on it allows you to reserve your copy of Windows 10 for free!

Windows 10 will be released on July 29th and for the first time, Microsoft is making this a free upgrade for people using Windows 7 or above for the first year of release (after the first year, if you have not upgraded then there will be a licence cost).

While we would not encourage you to leap head-first into a new Operating System, you should be talking with one of the BlueBerry Bunch on what this can offer your business and how to transition to this exciting new platform.

At first glance, Windows 10 seems to have addressed the issues raised by the release of Windows 8 by giving people the best of both worlds - what they loved from Windows 7 along with all the touch capabilities of Windows 8 if you need them.

On top of that there is fantastic cross-over between smartphones, tablets, PC's and even x-box that gives you the same look & feel on all Microsoft powered devices.

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