Why Unlimited Data Plans Are Now A Cost-Effective Option For Business


Great news for business owners! Last week, Spark (formerly Telecom), released a range of new Internet pricing plans that include options for unlimited data at ridiculously low prices.

The new plans also include a low entry price into fibre connectivity, with plans starting as low as $89 + GST/month for a naked fibre connection with 200GB of data!

Pretty cool right?!. A recent article published on Stuff said people were literally switching to unlimited data plans in their droves. You can read more here.

So, how can an unlimited data plan help your business?

For the same (or similar) costs as traditional copper-based (ADSL or VDSL) options, your business can experience download speeds that are super fast!

How fast, you ask? At least 10x faster...with upload speeds that are up to 100x quicker. A significant difference which can not only improve the performance of your business, but also keep your people happy - and 'slow internet rage' to a minimum. Never a great look for the office.

If you're already using Cloud-based services, or are considering a move to Cloud-based services, then the upload performance is a crucial part of ensuring a great experience.

Have questions about unlimited data? Keen to move to the Cloud?

To find out more about unlimited data plans, or to speak to us about enhancing your Cloud experience, get in touch with the Blueberry team. 

Have you switched to an unlimited data plan? If so, what impact has it had on your business?