WannaCry Update


After a busy week of checking the status of Microsoft patching, BlueBerryIT are pleased to say that there have been no reported incidents of the WannaCry ransomware variant from our clients.

Those clients with BerryCare benefited from our proactive Patch Management, while non-contract clients followed our advice in keeping patching relatively current and maintaining constant vigilance with unexpected behaviour, particularly with emails and attachments.

Following this incident, it is important to remember and review your business practices such as:

  • Backups are of premium importance - being able to recover quickly ensures that any disruption to your business is minimised. Do you understand your Recovery Points? Is the integrity of your backup solid?
  • Having an Industry Standard Firewall in place to protect your network from virus and malware threats along with the tools needed to managed Acceptable Use Policy
  • Ensuring that all devices are configured to receive and install the latest Security Patches
  • Ensuring that all devices are regularly re-booted so that the Security Patches take effect
  • Continued reminders to staff to be mindful of any unexpected behaviour either via email or while using the internet

If you have any doubts or concerns please contact us immediately.

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