UltraFast Broadband is here!

The Government has been rolling out UFB for the past few years now and there are now an excellent range of options available in our region. So what is UFB?

UFB is a fast internet connection delivered over a fibre cable straight into your business (or home). Speeds are impressive when compared to standard ADSL broadband. On a standard broadband connection you can expect to achieve about 12 Megabits per second download and about 0.8 Megabits per second upload speed. UltraFast Broadband can hum along up to 100 Megabits down and 100 Megabits up!

As a comparison to your standard business plan for a similar cost (about $69 per month) you would be looking at about 30 Megabits download and 10 Megabits upload. Smoking!

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