Solid State Drives

A Solid State Drive (SSD) is just like the hard drive in your laptop or PC but rather than being based on a spinning disk they use flash memory, a little bit like those USB thumb drives you store all your photos on. SSD's have some serious advantages over standard hard drives: they are much less susceptible to physical damage from knocks and bashes; and most importantly, they are much, much faster!

Solid State Drives are starting to become the norm in new ,high performance laptops but did you know you can replace the old drive in your laptop with an SSD and see massive performance gains on your old machine. Recently we had a customer with a laptop that used to take about 2.5 minutes to open Outlook, replacing the old hard drive with an SSD device reduced that time to less than 20 seconds, a huge difference I'm sure you'll agree!

For a small upfront cost you can really give your old laptop a boost and the SSD drive can normally be transferred to another laptop if you eventually replace your old machine.

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