Check us out on You Tube!! - Let's Talk About Tech

The BlueBerry Bunch are proud to announce our arrival on You Tube.

As a team we have long felt that there has to be a better way to inform people of not only the great things technology can bring to your business, but also the things you need to be wary of.

In this, our first video, join Phill Urquhart as he takes you through things to look out for and how easy it can be to compromise your Online Identity.

Too often we are contacted by businesses after a security breach caused by someone having either opened, clicked or replied to something that they should not have and, in our opinion, any education that can be provided to prevent this is invaluable.

We hope that you both share this information and also utilise it in your business, either at staff meetings or as part of your HR induction process to help protect your most important assets.

We'd love to get any feedback on Let's Talk About Tech - you can email