Business IT Security: Is Yours REALLY Good Enough?

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This week marks the second annual Connect Smart Awareness week in New Zealand, which is a reminder to be vigilant about online security.

It's the perfect time to ask - is my business IT security robust enough?

Keeping your business information - and that of your clients - safe and sound, is more important now than ever before. With businesses increasingly shifting to Cloud Computing and faster connectivity through fibre, internet threats are increasing exponentially.

So, what can you do to protect your business data?

The focus for this year's Connect Smart Awareness Week is educating and supporting SMEs, which is of course what the team at BlueBerryIT do best.

If you haven't done so already, we recommend checking your business IT security with an expert, to ensure you have robust protection.

The BlueBerry bunch can help by providing simple and effective tools, to help protect your people and your business from internet security threats.

Introducing BlueBerryMAX - The Stress-Free Way To Keep Your Business Safe

To help protect your business from internet threats - and rest in the knowledge your business is not at risk - we've come up with a service called BlueBerryMAX, which takes care of all the main areas of internet usage security and maintenance.

BlueBerryMAX keeps your business data safe and healthy in a number of ways, including immediately taking control of issues, installing anti-virus software where needed and keeping backups running smoothly.

We also offer an additional web monitoring service, which provides another layer of protection, including providing reports on usage and restricting specific websites if required.

To make sure your business is protected, contact the Blueberry Bunch today.

For more information about BlueBerryMax, please see the flyer below, or get in touch with us.

blueberry blog jul15