Building the Stadium of the Future


Sports fields and concert venues are becoming the most advanced smartphone environments on Earth.

Their goal: Updating arenas to overlay sports and other events with app-driven services that keep fans engaged, boost convenience, and put fans in control of the cameras. 

In short, today’s arenas compete not with other stadiums, but with staying home.

“The competition is now the couch. The beer is cheaper at home. The bathrooms are right there. The network works,” says John Paul, CEO of VenueNext, whose on-site stadium app is used by more than a dozen pro football, basketball, hockey, and soccer teams.

It takes more than a  Wi-Fi network to lure fans from their armchairs. “We know there will be 200 selfies per second that need to get through. But we also use technology to provide experiences that fans can’t get at home,” says Marc Waters, U.K. and Ireland managing director at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, of the all-new Tottenham Hotspur stadium that opens in London next August.

For a glimpse into the emerging potential of your future concert or sporting venue watch this short video from HPE and Aruba Networks.