ASPIRE 2017 - HP Enterprise join the line-up

HPE BlueBerry IT Lockup

BlueBerryIT are please to announce that HPE (HP Enterprise) will be partnering with us at ASPIRE 2017.

It is significant that we can secure this global business partner to attend an event in our region and we encourage all ASPIRE attendees to visit our team while at the conference.

When it comes to business resilience and information systems HPE are a leading provider of solutions that can help you plan for the unexpected.

In an always-connected world, critical application failures can cost your business its future. Unplanned downtime and data loss can originate from many sources, including natural disasters, network or power outages, human error, or malicious acts. Additional risk comes from costly, inflexible legacy infrastructure with inadequate data protection and disaster recovery models. 

Register now for what is always a premier networking and knowledge sharing opportunity.