3 Reasons To Use The NEW Skype For Business

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It’s been a decade since Skype broke down the distance barrier, by bringing people together from all over the world. It forever changed the way people share their lives, by connecting friends and family around the globe, enabling us to celebrate special moments and experiences despite our geographical location.

Today, Skype is so much more.

It’s used by more than 300 million people for messaging, calling and sharing. It lets people and groups connect in more spontaneous ways across multiple platforms to have fun and get things done. From desktop, to mobile and TV, it’s for communicating throughout the day, every day.

Skype is a universal symbol of togetherness.

Now there are two versions of Skype - the free, consumer version many of us know and Skype for Business. This rebranded, redesigned Microsoft Lync takes the look and feel of the consumer Skype we all know and applies it to enterprise.

How can Skype for business help your organisation?

Here are just 3 benefits of Skype for business:-

1. You can have large meetings. Now you can have meetings with up to 250 people, making it much more suitable for large-scale presentations like all-hands meetings or live webinars. Even if people are not on Skype for Business, they can still participate. All they need is a phone or internet connection.

2. Integrate easily with Office apps. See your contacts' online statuses, schedule meetings in Outlook, and start conversations from apps like Word and PowerPoint. Want to collaborate on a PowerPoint presentation or Excel spreadsheet? You can initiate a conference and share your screen without having to leave the program.

3. Security and control. Conversations are protected by strong authentication and encryption, and you manage employee accounts and features. Subscriptions can be added and removed at the user level, with different program features assignable to each user on the service.

Want to find out more about how to use Skype for Business to improve communications in your business? Talk to one of the BlueBerry Bunch today.