0% financing to modernize your HP equipment

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Accelerate your refresh with HPE Financial Services - don’t delay, this promotion expires on October 31, 2017


  • Eligible equipment is HP Personal Systems
    • Desktops
    • Laptops
    • Workstations
    • Monitors
    • Associated ancillary devices (keyboard/mice/dock etc)


  • This is a 3-year Fair Market Value/Opex lease offering at the end of term you can return/upgrade, purchase or extend the term
  • Services & Software’ can be included at the appropriate rates (not 0%)
  • Minimum of $5,000 per new agreement (new hardware, services or a combination of both)


A great opportunity for a technology refresh

  • Accelerate your IT priorities
  • Avoid increased maintenance and operating costs from aging IT
  • Do more, preserve cash with flexible monthly payment options
  • Gain the flexibility to upgrade or expand on your terms 


What defines the replacement lifecycle of computers?

There are several contributing factors:


  • Risk – from the original date of manufacture, all the major hardware vendors provide access to individual components (motherboards, memory modules, hard drives) to a maximum of 5 years.

 After the 5 years there is no guarantee of the availability of those components.


  • Cost – even prior to the 5 years from original manufacturer, there can be an associated cost of parts if outside the original warranty (typically either 1 or 3 years).

 Typically, the greater the period from the date of manufacture, the greater the potential cost.

Once beyond the initial 5 years, scarcity can also drive up cost.


  • Performance – it is generally accepted that computers slow as they get older.

The rule of thumb for Desktop computers is that after 3 years there will be some performance issues and this typically increases in Years 4-5.

With laptops, this is often reduced to years 3-4 when performance issues become noticeably worse.

Our recommendation is that all devices be replaced every 4 years under an Operating Lease – 4 years provides a middle ground where performance is becoming an issue but not a frustration.

From a financial perspective – the computers will have been typically depreciated to $0 book value after 3 years, so an additional year provides some extra value.

The only choice then is to find an acceptable Operating Lease Partner that had a commercially viable rate – HP Global Financial Services are that partner.


  • Compatibility of Operating Software and applications - as the amount and capability of applications continues to increase, the demands on the hardware/software can increase which can drive earlier replacement.

For further information or assistance please contact one of the BlueBerry Bunch