Its all about working smarter!


Think about a document that you receive and how it travels through your organisation. Think how many people touch it; take information from it; add information to it; do other tasks based on receiving it. Does it get copied? Where do those copies go? Does it create other tasks and routines for other parts of your business? Does it get archived? How? Does it get retrieved? How?

Think about all this and then consider; what is the potential for error? How much duplication of effort is there? What is that costing? What are we storing and why? How much is that costing? How safe is it? What do we do in the event of a disaster?

At BlueBerryIT we think about these things all the time, looking at ways to help our customers save time, reduce effort, reduce costs and increase security when it comes to processing and storing their important business information.

You may be considering an off-the-shelf product, maybe you''re looking at a solution using Microsoft SharePoint, maybe you''re talking to your Photocopier supplier about their multi-function devices.

Whatever you're thinking about Document Management talk to us; we have extensive experience in MS SharePoint, know and understand all major Photocopier devices and what they can do and have access to research on any industry product in the marketplace.

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