Whenever anyone is wondering whether BlueBerry can help them, we take away the doubt by saying, "If you use a computer in your business you should be talking to us!"


In business you want one less thing to worry about

You want confidence in the tools you use, you want computing services that just work. Our innovative solutions and award winning service provides exactly that and allows our customers to concentrate on their core business while we look after the technology. Whether you require simple on demand troubleshooting and repair services, proactive monitoring and maintenance of your computer network or full... » Read More

Its getting Cloudy all over - and that's a good thing!

BlueBerry are known Cloud Computing experts providing Cloud solutions to a broad base of customers across New Zealand and further afield for our international customers. While Cloud Computing doesn't suit everyone it is perfect for a growing number of businesses that need a flexible, scalable solution for their technology. With innovative solutions like our own BlueBerry Desktop products, through industry public Cloud... » Read More

How much disruption can your business withstand?

How much data can you afford to lose? How long can you be without key staff, critical systems or trading premises? How long can your business, be out of business? From a simple network outage to a national emergency and everything in between how will your business cope with a sudden and unexpected event? Business Continuity Planning (BCP) focusses on these questions.... » Read More

Its all about working smarter!

Think about a document that you receive and how it travels through your organisation. Think how many people touch it; take information from it; add information to it; do other tasks based on receiving it. Does it get copied? Where do those copies go? Does it create other tasks and routines for other parts of your business? Does it get... » Read More

On-site server network installation and maintenance - our specialty

If you're thinking about upgrading your existing infrastructure, buying a new server, upgrading your network or if it's your first move into server based computing then BlueBerry are the first people to call. Our experienced infrastructure architects will design a solution for you focused on what your business needs and what will deliver the most benefit. With over 60 years combined... » Read More

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions BlueBerryIT wish to draw your attention to the following legal statements and conditions that constitute the legal obligations of all parties to this contract. *Definitions* This Agreement is governed by the laws of New Zealand and the New Zealand Courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction. In this Agreement the following terms are defined as: Agreement This Agreement including the schedules and... » Read More