BlueBerry a Young Company with Old Fashioned values


BlueBerryIT is a full service ICT company based in Nelson and Blenheim servicing companies throughout the South Island as well as Wellington, Auckland, Gisborne, Hamilton, Napier and The Netherlands.

Founded in 2008 and experiencing year on year growth, we have built our company on two fundamental principles: one; there is no more important person in our business than our team member and two; there is no more important person to our business than our customer. 

Our people focussed approach enabled us to establish ourselves in the marketplace very quickly. In 2009 we won the Emerging Business Award at the Westpac/Chamber of Commerce Business Awards and then 2 years later the Excellence in Service Award at the 2011 Business Awards. In 2014 we won the Medium Sized Business award.

We've undergone a few changes to get to where we are today but we have never lost sight of our goal to become the leading technology provider; not by virtue of size but by virtue of quality, innovation, value and good old fashioned service.

Company Values

These values are the basis of our business operation; they appear in our employment agreements and all new members of the team are asked to understand and commit to the principles. We are happy to share them with you. 

  • We are committed to an ethically and environmentally responsible way of doing business that cares for and contributes to our community, local and global. We actively seek opportunities to make a positive impact and give back to our community.
  • We are 100% customer focused. Our customers are the reason for us being in business and we understand that without them we have no business. To that end we are driven by what is best for their business, not ours.
  • We treat everyone that we engage with, colleagues, customers and suppliers with kindness, professional respect and courtesy. And we expect the same in return.
  • We take responsibility for the quality and integrity of our work. We never deliver anything less than our best and we never expect our customers to settle for anything less than our best.
  • Whilst everyone may not agree with every decision made it is important that everyone understands and supports the decision. We have our say at the appropriate time and then when the decision is made, we get behind it.
  • We work as a team but we respect the individual nature of each of us and we celebrate our differences.
  • We offer feedback in a constructive and supportive way. We always ask questions and clarify anything we are unsure of. We never guess and we never assume.
  • We’'re here to enjoy what we do; these values are meaningless if we do not. Working hard only becomes hard work when we lose the ability to enjoy ourselves.