Happy IT Customers

are happy to tell others

Sandy O’Connell

Commercial Manager, Indevin

When we needed to upgrade our computing infrastructure, Indevin selected Blueberry on the strength of their reputation for technical excellence and first class customer service – we haven’t been disappointed. The project was completed on time, within budget and has exceeded our expectations. Blueberry are now working alongside Indevin to ensure that this new level of system performance and user satisfaction is maintained going forward.

Joy Dickens

Haven Realty

The “Blueberry guys” personal and hands-on approach has ensured that we have always understood and participated in all decision making. From the initial introduction of Blueberry to today, we have found them to be extremely approachable and completely understanding of our business needs. Blueberry continue to service us as a valued client, ensuing our systems are running at maximum efficiency all the time. They are just all nice “boys” who speak our language!!

Emily Urquhart

Business Manager, AMP Powerhouse Financial Services

BlueBerry has a speedy non patronizing approach to computers allowing us to work with little or no interruption, facilitating what we do best.
A great bunch of non-geeks!

Rick Farr

C & F Legal Limited

Like all businesses, the success of BlueBerry’s business is governed by the people that work in it. From BlueBerry’s inception it was apparent that its people were very much focused on achieving the goals for the client. What we have observed of BlueBerryIT is that they look to provide, and do provide, a very cost effective, responsive service in support of this now vital function in any business.

It is apparent they have a real depth of knowledge and experience in the IT industry and provide their service in a way that the administration of our association is very much streamlined. Our confidence in the service they provide does not come from what they tell us, but what they do. It is down to their actions, which always speak louder than words. We find BlueBerry are polished in their approach, caring of our needs, and our work with them is most enjoyable and appreciated.

Sonia Malpas

Practice Manager, Nelson Orthodontics

Why Nelson Ortho choose Blueberry IT?

The Blueberry guys aren’t computer nerds – they are people that can relate to others and speak in a language that is understood. We have been with Blueberry IT since their inception and have enjoyed an excellent working relationship with them. They are always there in times of emergency and can solve any problem – no matter how minor. What sets the company apart from the rest is their positive, happy and cheerful manner – I’ve never seen one of them in a bad mood – true professionals!!!. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Kathryn Konieczny

Administration, Gibb Holdings (Nelson) Ltd, Sujon

Since joining into an “IT partnership” with BlueBerryIT our company has grown in technology. The BlueBerryIT staff are great to work with, the service is reliable and efficient, and the company is operated in a very efficient and transparent manner. The best feature is that they are forever offering better ideas to improve our business!